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Tuesday August 4 2015 Akron Beacon Informing. Engaging. Essential. D1 An Akron Beacon Journal Advertising Special Section Continues on page D2 Your Health Calendar Continues on page D2 MONALISA TOUCH Article on pg. D3 FARMERS MARKET The Akron General Farmers Market has returned to the Health Well- ness Center West. The vendors will sell fresh local farm produce owers herbs farm goods and baked goods. Support local growers while purchasing healthy foods for you and your family. When Tuesdays now through Sept. 22 Time3-6 p.m. Where Parking lot on the west side of Health Wellness Center West 4125 Medina Road Akron Callus330-665-8100 SOAP BOX DERBY SENIOR DAY Seniors from Northeast Ohio are invited to Derby Downs for the Soap Box Derby Senior Day presented by Akron General and the City of Akron. Ticket includes a trip down Derby Downs in an adult Soap Box Derby car as well as access to health screenings and health information. Complimentary lunch will be served between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tickets are available at Akron General Health Wellness Centers Akron-area AAA branch ofces the City of Akron Aging Adult Ofce and the Derby Downs Headquarters ofce. WhenSept. 3 rain date Sept. 10 Time 10 a.m.-4 p.m. WhereSoap Box Derby 789 Derby Downs Drive Akron Cost 12 AKRON GENERAL WELLNESS WALK RUN Celebrate an active lifestyle for you and your family with the Akron General Wellness Walk Run a 5K event for individuals of all ages and athletic abili- ties. Whether you are just getting started or you are an experienced runner sign up to enjoy a scenic multi-terrain course on the Akron General Wellness Trails in Stow. The race will benet Akron Generals Mufns for Mammograms program which helps uninsured and underinsured women qualify for a free mammogram. Each participant will receive an ofcial race T-shirt a deli- cious nish-line mufn and other cool swag. Winners in each age group will be awarded prizes and a rafe will be held for all participants. Live entertainment and refreshments will be provided. When Sept. 5 Time 8 a.m. day-of registration 9 a.m. race start 10 a.m. post-race event WhereStow City Hall 3760 Darrow Road Stow startnish Callus 330-344-1442 Onlineakrongeneral.orgwellnessrun Knee pain can affect everything from daily activities and chores around the house to enjoying recreational activities like golf or hiking. Since knee pain often impacts how you walk or run it can also lead to back and hip pain. Its important to understand how to avoid knee injuries when possible. For those with existing knee pain or injuries theres a wide variety of treatment options that could help you get back to doing the things you love without the pain. Common causes of knee pain and injury Many knee problems are a result of the aging process and continual wear and stress on the knee joint such as arthritis. Other knee problems are a result of an injury or a sudden movement that strains the knee. Common knee problems include the following Sprained or strained knee ligaments andor muscles. A sprained or strained knee ligament or muscle is usually caused by a blow to the knee or a sudden twist of the knee. Symptoms often include pain swelling and difculty walking. Torn cartilage. Trauma to the knee can tear the menisci pads of connective tissue that act as shock absorbers and also enhance stability. Cartilage tears can often occur with sprains. Treatment may involve wearing a brace during an activity to protect the knee from further injury. Surgery may be needed to repair the tear. Tendonitis. Inammation of the tendons may result from overuse of a tendon during certain activities such as running jumping or cycling. Tendonitis of the patellar tendon is called jumpers knee. This often occurs with sports such as basketball where the force of hitting the ground after a jump strains the tendon. Arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis that affects the knee. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative process where the cartilage in the joint gradually wears away and often affects middle- age and older people. Osteoarthritis may be caused by excess stress on the joint such as repeated injury or being overweight. Prevention strategies There are some steps you can take to help prevent knee injuries Keep your knees and the muscles that support them strong and exible. Warm up before activities. Avoid activities that stress your knees such as deep knee bends or downhill running. Wear shoes with good arch supports. Avoid or limit wearing high- heeled shoes especially if youre prone to knee problems. When playing contact sports wear the right shoes that are made for the surface you are playing or running on such as a track or tennis court. Replace running shoes every 300 to 500 Is knee pain slowing down or keeping you from doing the things you love Youre not alone. In fact more than one-fourth of all adults in the U.S. suffer from knee pain that number jumps to more than one-third for adults in their mid-50s and older. DONT LET KNEE PAIN SLOW YOU DOWN By Jeffery Peiffer DO Akron General sports medicine physician Jeffery Peiffer DO is a board certied and fellowship trained primary care sports medicine physician. He specializes in helping patients remain active and pain- free offering non-surgical treatment options for joint pain osteoarthritis strains or sprains stress fractures and tendonitis. For patients needing surgery Dr. Peiffer works closely with an experienced team of orthopedic surgeons at Akron General to outline the best course of treatment. Jeffery Peiffer DO D2 Akron Beacon Informing. Engaging. Essential. Tuesday August 4 2015 Knudson Jewelers Tri County Plaza 1500 Canton Rd. Akron 44312 330-784-7431 Every Second Counts In A Medical Emergency ... Medic Aware Jewelry Is There To Help. We carry several types of medic aware bracelets necklaces and ID Tags for Men and Women. We also provide custom engraving services for these and other jewelry. There is limited time during a medical emergency dont leave anything to guesswork. Medical Emergency Your Health Calendar Continued from page D1 Continued from page D1 miles or about every 3 months. Wear knee guards during sports or recreational activities such as volleyball or roller-skating. Treatment options Almost everyone will experience some type of acute or short-term knee pain. Short-term pain that develops slowly or as a result of overuse can usually be treated at home with the RICE technique rest ice compression and elevation. In addition you can take over-the- counter nonsteroidal anti-inammatory drugs NSAIDs to help relieve pain swelling and inammation. If pain persists for two weeks without improving or if your knee pain is the result of an impact injury that caused a pop signicant pain or swelling you should see a doctor. An orthopedic doctor specializes in treating injuries that affect the bones joints and ligaments of the body including the knee. He or she will review your full health history conduct a physical exam and order any diagnostic tests that may help determine the cause of your knee injury like an X-ray. Based on your diagnosis and test results your doctor will help develop an individualized treatment plan that could involve pain management physical or occupational therapy lifestyle changes or use of braces or corrective devices. If you dont respond to the above treatment options or your pain gets worse your doctor may recommend surgery. Depending on your injury there are several types of knee surgeries Arthroscopy a minimally invasive knee surgery that is used to remove loose bodies near the knee repair a torn menisci ligament or piece of cartilage. Osteotomy a minimally invasive surgery that aims to take the weight off of the damaged part of the knee thus relieving pain and improving function particularly for someone who is not ready to have a total knee replacement. An osteotomy may also be used to correct a broken knee that hasnt healed properly. Total Joint Replacement During knee replacement surgery damaged joint surfaces are substituted or replaced by prostheses. Nearly 600000 knee replacement surgeries are performed annually in the U.S. The most common condition that results in the need for knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. Talk to your doctor If you have chronic long-term knee pain talk to your doctor about treatment options. He or she can help outline a personalized plan to address your needs. You dont have to live with the pain. This information is meant for educational purposes only and should not be considered specic medical advice. NUFIT NUTRITION FITNESS EDUCATION FOR A NEW YOU This free monthly program provides information about the latest topics in nutrition and tness. NuFit is held at Akron General Health Wellness Cen- ters in Montrose West Stow North and Green. The August nutrition topic will be Healthy Eating on a Budget and the tness topic will be The ABCs of Circuit Training. Bring a friend and enjoy a healthy snack Time 6-7 p.m. When Aug. 4 North Aug. 11 West Aug. 25 Green Callus North 330-945-3100 West 330-665-8100 Green 330-896-5000 Boot Camp for New Dads A unique workshop taught by veteran dads. When Aug. 8 Time9 a.m.-noon Where Akron General Medical Center 1 Akron General Ave. Akron Callus 330-344-BABY 2229 Online akrongeneral.orgwelcomebaby BARIATRIC WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY INFO SESSION Led by Surgeon and Medical Director Walter Chlysta MD FACS these free sessions give an overview of the different types of weight-loss surgeries offered and the support provided by Akron Gen- erals Bariatric Center. The risks benets and possible outcomes of surgery will also be discussed. Post-operative patients will share their stories as well. When Aug. 18 Time 6 p.m. Where Akron General Medical Center Boardroom 1 Akron General Ave. Akron Call us 330-344-1950 Onlineakrongeneral.orgobesity GOOD HEALTH IN STORE SUPERMARKET TOURS FOR DIABETES Lodi Community Hospitals Regis- tered Dietitian Robin Waltenberger and Millers Market help individuals with diabetes learn how to enjoy a variety of foods as part of a healthy diet. The supermarket tours provide a unique opportunity for hands-on experience reading food labels deter- mining portion sizes deciding which foods are best learning what to avoid and knowing when you can bend the rules. The tour is open to everyone. When Aug. 19 Time 1030 - 1130 a.m. WhereMillers Market 711 Wooster St. Lodi Cost Free Callus330-948-5546 QUIT SMOKING Akron General is pleased to offer community residents a FREE six- session smoking cessation class using the American Lung Associations Freedom from Smoking program. Taught by Tobacco Treatment Specialists. When Tuesdays Sept. 8 - Oct. 13 additional class on the Thursday of the fourth week Time530-7 p.m. WhereAkron General Medical Center Heart Vascular Center Cardiac Classroom 1 Akron General Ave. Akron Cost FREE Callus 330-344-AGMC 2462 Lift-chairs starting at only 609 3573 Copley Rd. Copley Circle 330-665-1085 Toll Free 866-831-5288 Open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Scooters starting at only 899 We service everything we sell Ohios Premier Lift Chair Scooter Dealer Scooters PACE MEDICALWe specialize in custom petite extra tall and bariatric lift-chairs up to 700-lb. capacity in stock Travel and Heavy duty scooters in stock. physical or occupational therapy lifestyle changes or use of braces or corrective devices. If you dont respond to the above treatment options or your pain gets worse your doctor may recommend surgery. Depending on your injury there are several types of knee surgeries Arthroscopy a minimally invasive knee surgery that is by prostheses. Nearly 600000 knee replacement surgeries are performed annually in the U.S. The Tuesday August 4 2015 Akron Beacon Informing. Engaging. Essential. D3 Some middle to late age women have tried every- thing to cure the vaginal pain and discomfort that can occur post-menopause. But because this topic is one that is not widely discussed these women may not even know that there is already a successful answer to their ailments in the form of the MonaLisa Touch. Approved by the FDA in 2014 the MonaLisa Touch was developed in Europe in 2008 to treat the symptoms of atrophic vaginitis. This disease is brought on by a lack of nourishment and hydration of the cells of the vaginal tissue causing itching dryness and some- times even pain during intercourse. Women who have gone through meno- pause or are breast-feeding after delivery are the most common victims of vaginal atrophy and may find that most creams or injections available on the market just dont do the trick. Most women get frus- trated and think that this is what theyll have to deal with for the rest of their lives says Dr. Chinyere Orafu local board certified obstetrician and gynecolo- gist. But the MonaLisa Touch is the solution. By safely and painlessly reactivating the proper function of the vaginal walls the Mon- aLisa uses laser technology to naturally cure women in treatments of about 5 minutes each aAccording to Dr. Orafu and over 20 thousand have already seen immediate results. Some of my patients have called it life changing says Dr. Orafu. One of the first offices in Ohio to use the Mon- aLisa Dr. Orafus practice started treatments in May 2015. Now she promotes the technology as a good in- vestment in overall vaginal health and hopes that more people will soon become aware of it. I just want women to know that theyre not alone she says. They need to talk to their health care provider or seek a special- ist. Another benefit of the way the MonaLisa restores vaginal health is that it does so hormone-free. This means that women who have or have had cancer do notnt have to choose be- tween treatment and suffer- ing. Dr. Orafu believes that the more people become educated about this revolu- tionary treatment the more women will seek it out and the more it will become available. Hundreds of women have already flocked to the trials that were being conducted at the Stanford University Medical Center and Christ Hospital in Cin- cinnati. In less than 2 weeks women who were dealing with painful intercourse were already feeling more comfortable Dr. Orafu commented. More than anything Dr. Orafu believes that talking to a physician about vaginal discomfort is the most crucial step a woman can take towards getting relief. While it may be an uncom- fortable topic to discuss the treatment can be well worth the effort and lead to a happier fuller life after menopause. The MonaLisa Touch is clinically proven to deliver both immediate and long- lasting relief through natu- ral vaginal healing and is a big achievement in womens health. Soon specialists all over the country may have access to this wonderful treatment making it easier than ever for women to finally find comfort. MonaLisa Touch Do you suffer from Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms include Vaginal dryness burning discomfort or painful intercourse Monalisa Touch The new Laser Vaginal Therapy FDA Approved and Clinically Proven to Deliver Both Immediate Long Lasting Relief of the signs and Symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy No Hormones No Prescriptions No Mess Call 330-343-8200 to schedule a FREE initial consultation 420 S. James Street Dover OH 4883 Dressler Rd. NW Canton OH Call Now to save 300 until 83115 Quit Smoking Akron General is pleased to offer com- munity residents a FREE six-session smoking cessation class using the American Lung Associations Freedom from Smoking program. Taught by Tobacco Treatment Specialists. When Tuesdays Sept. 8 - Oct. 13 ad- ditional class on the Thursday of the fourth week Time530-7 p.m. WhereAkron General Medical Center Heart Vascular Center Cardiac Classroom 1 Akron General Ave. Akron Cost FREE Callus 330-344-AGMC 2462 Your Health Calendar Continued from page D2 Brain Spine HealtH SerieS epilepSY Akron Generals Neuroscience Institute offers access to some of the regions most advanced care for the brain and spine. Join us for our free Brain Spine Health Series. The September event will focus on Epilepsy and will feature a panel of physician experts. The evening will be facilitated by WKYC Senior Health Correspon- dent Monica Robins. Reservations requested. Free parking. When Sept. 9 Time 430 p.m. health info tables and light refreshments 530 -730 p.m. panel discussion Where Akron General Medical Cen- ter Conference Center Auditorium Cost FREE Callus 330-344-3100 Be featured in a medical eld specic advertising space to be recognized as an expert in your eld Healthcare Q AQ AQ A Join our Healthcare Q A For more information contact Akron Beacon Journal Advertising at 330-996-3410. AUDIOLOGY Diane McClusky Miracle-Ear Center 3725 S. Cleveland-Massilon Rd Norton OH 44203 330-706-0446 Diane McClusky Owner Q Can I try on some hearing aids and see whether they help Of course this will give you some idea of how much hearing aids could help you and how it feels to wear them. In most cases you can walk out that day with a demonstration pair of hearing aids to try for several days so that you can experience the hearing aids in your everyday activities. But depending on the type of hearing aid your hearing instrument specialist recommends the demonstration may only give you a general idea of how much hearing aids could help. For example many hearing aids are made individually so they would improve your hearing much more than you could experience with a trail hearing aid. For a free demonstration call today to schedule an appointment. A AUDIOLOGY Karl D. Schwarze MD FACP What causes generalized swelling edema A In order for swelling also called edema to occur two basic steps have to occur. The rst is an alteration in the capillary hemodynamics favoring uid movement from the vascular space or blood vessels to the surrounding tissues. Due to the blood vessels leaking out uid the kidneys will retain dietary salt and water to restore or partially restore the uid volume. The excess salt sodium and water is manifested by swelling. Three major conditions leading to this are Heart failure Liver Cirrhosis Kidney disease These are also common conditions Premenstrual edema and pregnancy As swelling can indicate a problem with your major organs it should always be evaluated by your physician. NEPHROLOGY Q Karl D. Schwarze MD FACP Board Certied in Nephrology Critical Care Medicine and Internal Medicine The Kidney Health Group 1 Park West Blvd. Suite 330 Akron OH 44320 Phone 234-312-9318 Fax 330-861-6800 FAMILY MEDICINE Richard H. Gunning M.D. 195 Wadsworth Road Suite 402 Wadsworth Ohio 44281 330 331-7207 Richard H. Gunning M.D. A QArespiderbitescommon Some sources list spider bites as being very common and yet I dont believe them. Most patients will nd evidence of a bite mark or sore and not remembering any particular bug that might have bitten them automatically decide they must have been bitten by a spider. All too often urgent care centers and emergency rooms are more than happy to concur. Spider bites are actually quite rare and as opposed to mosquitoes and other insects which will sneak a bite for a quick meal spiders only bite in self-defense. They dont go out of their way to nd you to bite you. In fact most spider bites are harmless or if symptomatic present like a small bee sting. Over-the-counter antihistamines soap and water and ice packs are usually more than enough to treat a spider bite. Black widow bites can be more severe causing abdominal cramps tremors trouble breathing and can be quite severe and life-threatening in small children and the elderly. Brown recluse spider bites can cause severe tissue damage. Both of these bites require prompt medical attention but are very rare. Most lesions identied as spider bites are not caused by spiders but by other insects or infections such as MRSA. By Francesca Stygar Akron Beacon Journal Advertising Writer D4 Akron Beacon Informing. Engaging. Essential. Tuesday August 4 2015 TREAT SKIN WITH CARE INSTRUCTIONS Revamped these gems are still ooey-gooey goodbut theyre only 80 calories each with a gram of healthy ber per cookie. Weve also cut out half the fat and cholesterol youd nd in this treats calorie-laden cousins. Lose the guiltand indulge Instructions 1. Preheat oven to 350F. 2. In large bowl with mixer on medium-low speed beat sug- ars and vegetable spread until well blended occasionally scraping bowl with rubber spatula. Add egg egg white and vanilla beat until smooth. Beat in our baking soda and salt until mixed. With spoon stir in oats and chocolate chips until well combined. 3. Drop dough by rounded measuring tablespoons 2 inches apart on ungreased large cookie sheet. Bake until golden 12 to 13 minutes. With wide metal spatula transfer cookies to wire rack to cool completely. Repeat with remaining dough. 4. Store cookies in cookie jar up to 3 days. Reprinted with permission from Good Housekeepings The Cookie Jar Cookbook 65 Recipes for Classic Chunky and Chewy Cookies Hearst Books 2011 Nutritional Info per serving Calories 80 Fat 4 Saturated Fat 1 Cholesterol 4 Sodium 70 Carbohydrate 11 Fiber 1 HEALTHY MAKEOVER CHOCOLATE-CHIP OATMEAL COOKIES Recipe by Our Cookbook Collection INGREDIENTS 12cup packed brown sugar 12cup granulated sugar 12cup trans-fat-free vegetable oil spread 60 to 70 oil 1large egg 1large egg white 2teaspoons vanilla extract 1 14cups all-purpose our 1teaspoon baking soda 12teaspoon salt 2 12cups old-fashioned or quick- cooking oats uncooked 6ounces bittersweet 62 cacao or semisweet chocolate chips CHOCOLATE-CHIPOATMEALCOOKIES Metro - According to the American Cancer Society skin cancer accounts for the largest number of cancer diagnoses in the United States. Each year nearly ve million Ameri- cans are treated for skin cancer with most cases being nonmelanoma skin cancer typically diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carci- noma. But skin cancer is not the only con- dition that can affect the skin. From rosacea to eczema to acne to psoriasis the skin can be affected by numer- ous conditions many of which can be both uncomfortable and embar- rassing. Keeping skin healthy requires effort and there are many things men and women can do to protect their skin and reduce their risk for various conditions. Schedule routine visits to a der- matologist. Dermatologists can treat and help prevent disorders of the skin and men and women should make annual visits to their dermatologist to ensure their skin is healthy. Dermatologists can diagnose if a mark or a blemish is something benign or serious and provide information on various courses of treatment. As with any specialist dermatologists may be well versed on new and innovative care. If anything on your skin seems suspect visit a dermatologist right away. Protect yourself from the sun. The single best thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun. Not only can a lifetime of sun exposure cause wrinkles and age spots it can lead to cancer. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Apply it every two hours or more often. Make sun- screen a part of your daily regimen applying it as you would moisturizer or antiperspirant. Quit the habit. The Mayo Clinic says smoking narrows tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin which decreases blood ow. This robs the skin of oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Smoking also can damage the col- lagen and elastin in the skin which promotes elasticity. Be gentle to the skin. Use mild cleansers and limit showers and baths to warm water. Moisturize dry skin if it is problematic. Pat skin dry after washing and do not tug or rub skin excessively. Inspect skin regularly. Routinely check your skin for any changes and share any concerns with your doctor. Schedule annual skin checks as part of yearly physical examina- tions. Taking these steps can help you maintain healthy skin and prevent ail- ments in the years to come. Miracle-Ear Center Norton Greenridge Plaza 3725 Cleve-Mass. Road Norton OH 44203 330 Miracle-Ear Center Kent-Ravenna 2637 State Rt. 59 Ravenna OH 44266 330 Miracle-Ear Center Canton 4351 Dressler Rd. NW Canton OH 44718 330 Miracle-Ear Center Tallmadge 161 Northwest Ave Suite 101 Tallmadge OH 44278 330 Miracle-Ear Center Fairlawn 2950 W. Market StreetSuite L Fairlawn OH 44333 330 AUDIOLOGY 31278743127874 HEALTHCAREDIRECTORY Richard H. Gunning M.D. 195 Wadsworth Road Suite 402 Wadsworth Ohio 44281 330 Preti B. Chaturvedi MD FACP FASN Board Certied Internal MedicineNephrology The Kidney Health Group 1 Park West Blvd. Suite 330 Akron OH 44320 234 Karl D. Schwarze MD FACP Board Certied Critical Care Medicine Internal MedicineNephrology The Kidney Health Group 1 Park West Blvd. Suite 330 Akron OH 44320 234 INTERNAL MEDICINE Call 330-996-3410 to nd out how NEPHROLOGY Would you like to be part of our expert directory