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D1AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.TuesdaySeptember292015 An Advertising Special Section Healthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy LivingHealthy Living MindBodySpirit TuesdaySeptember292015AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.D2 3 Easy ways to start living healthier every day 4 Some side effects of obesity may surprise you 5 How Spinal decompression works fda approved 7 Can beer boost brain power 8 Stress Management And You 11 Tinnitus 11 Ear Callisthenics Great for your hearing Consuming excessive amounts of sodium not only affects your health but also may affect your appearance. A diet thats rich in sodium has long been linked to a host of health problems including high blood pressure stroke kidney disease and stomach cancer. But consuming too much sodium also leads to increased water retention which can cause weight gain and make men and women appear puffy and bloated. According to the American Heart Association the recommended daily sodium intake is 1500 milligrams. But the AHA notes that the average American consumes more than double that amount on a daily basis and Health Canada asserts that Canadians also eat roughly the same amount of sodium each day as their American counterparts. While sodium is an essential nutrient the human body does not need a lot of it to reap its benefits. Bread processed meats and soups are some of the major contributors of dietary sodium so men women and even children who the AHA notes are far more likely to develop high blood pressure as adults if they consume a high-sodium diet as a child should study packaging on these items to ensure they arent overloaded with sodium. Did you know D3AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.TuesdaySeptember292015 3 Contrary to popular belief adopting a healthy lifestyle is not a difficult undertaking. In certain instances convenience may need to be sacrificed in favor of nutrition but many people find that living healthy is not nearly as difficult as they assumed it would be when they initially decided to make a change. When men and women decide they want to start living healthier many mistakenly assume they must abandon their existing habits entirely and start from scratch. But the following are some easy ways to start living healthier every day. Eat more fruits and vegetables. One of the best and easiest ways to live healthier is to begin eating more fruits and vegetables. Instead of unhealthy snacks like potato chips and cookies snack on a piece of fruit and never sit down to a meal unless you include some vegetables to go along with the main course. Studies have shown that men and women whose diets are high in fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop certain types of cancers including cancers of the digestive tract. In addition the United States Department of Agriculture notes that people whose diets are rich in fruits and vegetables have a lower risk for heart disease including heart attack and stroke. Slow down your eating routine. Some people may already be eating the right foods but they may just be eating too much of them. It takes time for your body to let you know its had too much to eat so eating too fast can increase your risk of overeating. While eating try to limit distractions that can take your attention away from how much youre eating. If youre always watching television or checking emails on your phone while eating try a few days of distraction-free careful eating and you may find yourself eating less and feeling more energized after a meal. Skip the second glass of wine. The much publicized medical benefits of wine are somewhat misleading. According to the Mayo Clinic when consumed in moderation red wine can help prevent heart disease. Thats because alcohol and antioxidants found in red wine have been shown to increase levels of high-density lipoprotein often referred to as good cholesterol and protect against artery damage. But wine also contains sugars that can fatten the liver and a fatty liver can contribute to a host of serious health problems. If you already drink wine limit yourself to one glass per day. If you are not a wine drinker then its important to note that many doctors believe the potential benefits of drinking wine do not outweigh the potentially negative consequences associated with alcohol consumption which include neurological problems and an increased risk for heart disease. Get more sleep. Inadequate sleep affects the body in a variety of ways. Many people are aware that one poor nights sleep is certain to affect their energy levels the following day but fewer may know of the link between sleep duration and chronic disease. For example the Harvard Medical School notes that studies have linked insufficient sleep to type 2 diabetes as the bodys ability to process glucose can be compromised by poor sleeping habits. Other medical conditions that have been linked to insufficient sleep include obesity heart disease and mood disorders. While you might be proud of your ability to function on minimal sleep the long-term effects of insufficient sleep can be dire so be sure to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Choosing to live healthier does not mean you need to completely overhaul your existing lifestyle. In fact you can make several easy everyday changes to dramatically improve your overall health. Easy ways tostart living healthier every day Healthy Living Subway Main Market 330 374 5101 330 374 5102 FAX Subway Main Exchange 330 375 5080 330 375 5085 FAX Website Whatever the occasion let SUBWAY deliver TuesdaySeptember292015AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.D4 3 Did you know Though laughter is often referred to as the best medicine no definitive study has been conducted to determine the effects of laughter on overall human health leaving open the possibility that maintaining a good sense of humor and a positive attitude are just as important if not more important than finding time to laugh each day. But even if laughter is not medicinal its benefits can mimic those of exercise. When a person laughs his or her pulse and blood pressure increase and people tend to breathe faster when they laugh. Faster breathing sends more oxygen to the tissues which can help the heart and lungs work more efficiently. In addition a Vanderbilt University study found that between 10 and 15 minutes of laughter can burn as many as 50 calories. Finding time to laugh may also indirectly improve the bodys immune system response as studies have suggested that infection-fighting antibodies might be more abundant in people who can use humor to combat stress. Healthy Living According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 40 percent of the United States population is now considered obese while an additional 34 percent are considered overweight. In Canada 25 percent of the population is classified as obese and 41 percent are overweight. These figures illustrate a potentially grave future for Canadians and Americans alike as the consequences of being overweight orobese include diabetes heart disease and even death. Obesity can have a very real and lasting impact on individuals and future generations. Here are some health effects that can be the result of carrying around too much weight. Cancer The National Cancer Institute says each year thousands of new cases of cancer in men and women can be linked to obesity. Some researchers feel that excess fat cells increase hormonal activity which can lead to tumor growth. High blood pressure Overweight or obese people have a greater chance of developing high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries while the heart pumps blood. High blood pressure can weaken the heart over time causing it to work less efficiently and may lead to aneurysm heart failure or stroke. Infertility As with cancer the potential correlation between obesity and infertility requires further study. But there is some evidence that points to obesity as a contributing factor to infertility. Overweight women tend to have a harder time getting pregnant and some researchers feel that is because fattytissue may cause hormonal changes that impact conception. Type 2 diabetes When a person has type 2 diabetes his or her body cannot use insulin properly. Over time the body cannot make enough insulin to regulate blood sugar level. About 80 to 90 percent of people who are obese also have type 2 diabetes and its believed that being overweight places extra stress on the bodys ability to maintain proper glucose levels in the blood creating a greater need for insulin. This can create a vicious cycle as insulin use itself can lead to weight gain. Osteoarthritis Overweight individuals frequently develop pain in the joints of their knees hips and lower backs. The condition occurs as tissue that protects the joints wears away. Extra weight also can wreak havoc on the feet that are forced to bear those extra pounds. Premature birth A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that overweight women are at a greater risk of having a preterm delivery. Too much fat can weaken uterine and cervical membranes. Trouble sleeping Obese and overweight people can have problems sleeping says the American Sleep Foundation. Obesity can be linked to sleep apnea a condition in which a person gasps for air or momentarily stops breathing while asleep. This condition can result in frequent interruptions in sleep and an overall poor quality of sleep. Obesity and overweight can contribute to many health problems some of which may come as a surprise to men and women who are carrying extra weight. Some side effects ofobesitymaysurpriseyou Oct. 16th 17th 1757 State Rd. Cuy. Falls 330-923-4700 Dinner and Show 55couple Sweetest Day Weekend LOU SANTINI Host of Reelz Channel Man-On-The-Street TBSs Frank TV TV Guide Network Guest Comedian Jim Florentine Oct 8-10 Co Hosted VH1 Classic That Metal Show and played Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher on Crank Yankers Rich Vos Oct 22-24 Finalist from NBCs Last Comic Standing 2 Comedy Central Specials Seen on HBO Showtime and Starz BASILE Nov 12-14 comedy series Growing Up Greek in America HBO Showtime Comedy Central and the Jay Leno Show on NBC D5AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.TuesdaySeptember292015 Healthy Living Compression is when you have a balloon between your hands and slowly squeeze your hands together. You are compressing the balloon. If you go too far too fast to hard the balloon will pop. Not good. This is like what your back does to your disc and nerves. Decompression is when you take this compressed balloon and slowly pull your hands open the balloon pulls itself back into its original position. This is good. The pressure is off. Relief Our spinal decompression table is computer controlled and gives you a very gentle mild non- invasive traction. The old hospital traction units actually caused your muscles to tighten up go into spasms taut muscles actually interfere with your bodys ability to heal. Your doctor will program into the computer the necessary instructions based on your physical examination personal history age physical condition diagnosis and x-rays. When we place you on the decompression table usually on your back you lay there and relax and the computerized table does the rest. Some of our patients fall asleep during the thirty minute treatment. If your body isnt relaxed then you wont get the full benefit of the decompression table. Here is what is happening to your spine when you are on the decompression table and why so many varied health problems can be helped with this treatment. Computerized spinal decompression therapy creates negative pressure in the disc which literally sucks the herniated or budged disc back into its best more normal position thus taking pressure off the nerve root. Simultaneously the slow movement of the traction from relaxing to contracting to relaxing stimulates fluid movement within the disc called imbibitions this type movement re-hydrates the disc and also promotes healing. So by producing and sustaining this negative pressure between and within your disc spinal decompression enables your disc to decompress thus replenishing the much needed nutrients fluids and oxygen to your injured deteriorated or degenerated disc while at the same time working like a vacuum to draw your bulging herniated or compressed disc back into place reducing your nerve interference allowing your body to heal. Its wonderful just being able to help your painful disc but the really exciting tell everyone revolutionary healing comes from the reduced pressure on your nerves. Nerve pressure commonly called pinched nerves are what causes weakness in your immune system and allows disease to attack your body. Strong bodies free from nerve interference can and do fight off sickness and disease. Bodies weakened by nerve interference become sick and diseased. If your pinched nerve happens to go to your stomach you will have stomach problems if the pinched nerve goes to your prostrate then you will have prostate problems if your pinched nerve goes to your kidneys then you will have kidney problems and so on. If you reduce the nerve interference then of course your body will have the opportunity to strengthen and begin the healing process related to any number of health conditions. We have found that disc problems usually heal more quickly and easily than do systemic organ related conditions. Numbness tingling and pain usually gets better faster in less time and with fewer treatments than do say migraine headaches prostate or lung problems. The basic reason for the time difference is that decompression therapy works directly on the disc. A direct result of a deteriorated or degenerated disc is nerve interference called a pinched nerve. After the decompression treatments when the disc begins healing this healing energy must then transfer to the specific diseased organ and tissues that this pinched nerve controls. Then at this time the organ and related tissue can begin the healing process all the way down to the cellular level. This of course takes a little more time as there are more steps in the healing cycle the further from the disc you go. Our spinal decompression table is F.D.A. approved Once you have been approved for care there are no negative side effects to the decompression treatments. There is no pain associated with the treatments no discomfort no problems. Our brand new state of the art decompression unit helps neck and lower back discs as well as shoulders hips knees and carpal tunnel disease. We believer that if the people of Summit County realized the healing ability associated with these decompression units our office would have a line out the door and clear to the bank waiting for a treatment. If you have any questions about decompression and what is could do for you or a loved one please ask us. We are here to help you and your family. You have to keep in mind that its your body no one elses and you are only going to be as healthy as you take care of it. Decompression treatments work and these treatments are revolutionizing the healthcare industry towards using more non-invasive treatments while using less drugs and surgery. DO NOT HAVE SURGERY AT LEAST UNTIL YOU TRY DECOMPRESSION FOR YOUR LOW BACK NECK KNEE SHOULDER Up to FOUR Decompression Treatments for ONLY 119No Pain Feels Good What is Spinal Decompression Only the very latest medical technology to greatly reduce the need for surgery for stenosis deterioration degeneration discopathy pinched nerves herniated disc bulged disc arthritis bone on bone or slipped discs. Call 330.896.8800 DUE TO THE INCREDIBLE SAVINGS EACH TREATMENT PRICED AT 125 WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT 6 NEW PATIENTS PER WEEK FROM THIS AD. SO CALL IMMEDIATELY. This offer does not include x-rays physical exam orthopedic exam neurological exam so if you have c-rays report MRI ultrasound etc. bring them with you. HealthFirst Clinic Dr. Brian Longworth D.C. Dr. Steve Gandee D.C. 3577 S. Arlington Rd. Corner of 619 S. Arlington 1st tIME OFFER Limited tIME How Spinal decompression works fdaapproved TuesdaySeptember292015AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.D6 Healthy LivingHealthy Living Auditory Deprivation is a condition that occurs in individuals suffering from hearing loss where their brain loses the ability to interpret words due to a lack of stimulation over an extended period of time. If hearing loss is not treated auditory deprivation can cause an irreversible loss of functionality. How does this happen You must first understand the difference between hearing and understanding. Your ears function as instruments to collect sounds and deliver these sounds to your brain. The speech interpretation center of your brain processes these sounds into words. If your ears cannot hear the sounds then your brain does not have anything to process. The lack of stimulation in this area of the brain causes you to lose the functionality of understanding speech. So basically if you arent hearing the words you eventually lose the ability to understand them. The longer you delay seeking treatment for your hearing loss the harder it will be to treat it. Hearing instruments will help your ability to hear and thus stimulate your brain to protect you from auditory deprivation. Auditory deprivation is not a guarantee if you suffer from hearing loss as long as you are proactive with your hearing health. Have your hearing tested and if necessary find the appropriate treatment sooner rather than later. Hearing instruments can be a tremendous help by providing the necessary stimulation your brain requires to continue to understand everyday speech. Auditory Deprivation is a use it or lose it issue so it is imperative that you are take action today to ensure your ability to perceive speech does not continue to deteriorate over time. If there is not enough text to fill the ad space use a larger font. We will also need generic art for elderly people with hearing issues. If we dont have it canned I can try to locate. What is AuditoryDeprivation 25th - 29th YOUR HEARING EXPERTS Call Today 330 434-5101 We love what we do So do our patients Call Today to make your appointment for an extended wear test drive which includes FREE hearing consultation FREE clean and check of your current hearing device regardless of brand or where they were purchased Ask About Our FREE Demo Program Audiphone is the place to go for a great evaluation amazing service and quality products. The staff truly cares. Ive seen other providers in the past and Dr. Smith tops all the service Ive ever received. - Ron O. Akron D7AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.TuesdaySeptember292015 Can beer boostbrainpower There is newfound reason to indulge in a pint or two of your favorite beer and its not just to catch up and share a few laughs with friends. New research has shown that a chemical compound in beer may be able to improve cognitive function. The beverage once thought to obliterate brain cells when consumed in abundance may actually have the opposite effect and boost brain power. No one should run out an start imbibing just yet however. The study that ran in Behavioral Brain Research in October 2014 was preliminary and only conducted on lab mice. During the study scientists discovered that xanthohumol a type of flavonoid found in beer seemed to improve brain function in the young mice given xanthohumol doses. The cognitive flexibility of the mice was tested with a specially designed maze and younger mice showed signs of intellectual improvement. Older mice showed no improvements. Researchers believe xanthohumol and other flavonoids such as those found in red wine blueberries and dark chocolate may play a role in helping a person form memories. The mice were given very high doses of the flavonoid. A person would have to drink roughly 2000 liters of beer a day to equal what the mice consumed to show improvement. However should a supplement hit the market down the road it may just be possible for men and women to consume a potentially beneficial amount of xanthohumol without bellying up at the bar. One of the goals of the xanthohumol study was to examine its potential efficacy at treating age-related deficits in memory. Xanthohumol also may benefit those with metabolic syndrome a condition associated with obesity and high blood pressure as it can speed metabolism and reduce fatty acids in the liver. Flavonoids are plant compounds that often provide plants with their color. Scientists have attributed many health benefits to flavonoids in foods and plants and have even suggested flavonoids can help in the fight against cancer and heart disease. Xanthohumol is rare and is most often found in the hops commonly used to make beer. While doctors and researchers do not suggest running out and consuming a few six packs right now in the goal of improving brain function and cramming for that next test xanthohumol may one day be harvested from beer hops to slow down age- related memory deficits. A chemical component in beer hops has been shown to improve brain function in lab mice. It may one day help with age-relative cognitive decline. TICKETS FOR FLAGSHIP EVENTS ON SALE NOW 2015 OCT 9-18 Including these agship events Collaboration Kickoffs Belgian Social Bluegrass Brew Bash Offshore Pour on Nautica Queen Culture Yourself Ales on Rails Beer and Chocolate Extravaganza Brewzilla BrownsBroncos Tailgate TuesdaySeptember292015AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.D8 Healthy LivingHealthy Living When talking about stress there are so many areas we could discuss. I would like to begin with some definitions In Medical Science stress is defined as the results produced when a structure system or organism is acted on by forces that disrupt equilibrium or produce strain. In Health Care stress is defined as the physical and psychological forces that are experienced by individuals. Some examples of physical forces are gravity mechanical force pathogen injury etc. Some examples of psychological forces are fear anxiety crisis joy etc. A Stressor is defined as an agent or condition capable of producing stress. Some examples of a stressor are loss overwork relationships finances illness etc. Distress is defined as physical or mental pain or suffering or to draw apart. It is generally believed that we require a certain amount of stress in order to maintain well being. However when stress occurs in quantities that our system is unable to handle it produces pathological changes and then disease states. This is why they call stress The Silent Killer. Lets review the bodys nonspecific response to stress which is called the GENERAL ADAPTATION SYNDROME. The response occurs in three stages 1 The Alarm Reaction Stage this is when the body recognizes the stressor then the pituitary and adrenal glands produce the hormones necessary for a fight or flight response. In this stage the heart rate increases blood glucose levels increase pupils dilate and digestion either slows down or stops. 2 The Resistance or Adaptive Stage this is when the body begins to repair the effect of the stressor. Hence the acute stress symptoms diminish or disappear. However if the stressor continues and causes the adaptive stage to fail the body advances to stage 3. 3 The Exhaustion Stage in this stage the body can no longer respond to the stress. This is where distress sets in causing a drawing apart on the body. Consequently one or several of a great variety of disease states develop. Usually the disease states begin with emotional disturbances cardiovascular kidney and asthma like conditions. However disease states can vary from individual to individual and from situation to situation. Many of these disease states can cause irreversible damage to the body. For example strokes can cause permanent paralysis. Stress can cause physical symptoms even though there is no disease present. Our body responds physiologically to emotional stress. Our emotions affect certain body functions such as heart rate blood pressure perspiration sleep patterns stomach acid and bowel movements just to name a few. Emotional stress also can bring about major physical disease. For those who already have a disease state it can negatively alter the course or outcome of the disease. Research has shown pathways by which the brain and the immune system interact or communicate with one another. Your mind can alter the activity of white blood cells and thus affect an immune response. For example depression suppresses the immune system. Hence a depressed person is more susceptible to infections and viruses. Examine the different in the health of an optimistic person versus a pessimistic person. The mind-body interaction is very powerful. Acute stress and posttraumatic stress are both called disorders because they usually require either prescription drugs or an alternative medicine to treat. The support of a psychotherapist plays an important role in treatment. They provide empathy sympathy reassurance and insight oriented psychotherapy when treating these conditions successfully. Many people opt for pharmaceutical drugs at this time. However due to their side effects they often make matters worse. Hence this is a good time to investigate natural alternatives. Although when youre in the midst of the trauma its hard to research anything. Hence its best to plan ahead and file your notes for future reference. Its also best to tell a love one where you keep your notes in the event of an emergency. So what is STRESS Stress is a part of life sometimes avoidable other times not. Stress can be caused by negative or positive events. Stress can occur from overwork or lack of work noise or silence love or hate finances deadlines a new career schooling lack of sleep poor nutrition consumption of alcohol coffee smoking lack of exercise too much exercise illness surgery worry loss birth of a child raising a child even colors and our furniture placement can trigger a stress response. Symptoms of stress include but are not limited to fatigue overeating lack of eating headaches mood swings memory loss tooth grinding withdrawal cold hands and feet due to the disruption of circulation insomnia low libido HPB indigestion skin rashes hair loss twitching back pain neck pain and chronic ailments due to a weakened immune system. We have discussed stress and the bodys response. Next lets review the many options to consider when managing how stress impacts our lives. 1 The Progressive Relaxation Technique this involves tightening and relaxing the major muscle groups one at a time. You start at your feet and work up to your head. Tense the muscles and hold for a count of ten while focusing on the tension in the muscle. Then while breathing deeply release the muscles and enjoy the sensation of the release. 2 Deep Breathing when facing a stressful situation inhale deeply through your nose with your mouth closed. Hold that breathe for a few seconds then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat the process 3-4 times to release the tension. 3 Edit Your Self Talk listen for comments such as I cant I shouldnt I will never be able to. Replace those comments with these comments. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Rather than saying Ill never you might try saying in time with practice with repetition or self control I will be able to. The bible tells us as a man thinketh so he is. Hence change your thoughts and self talk to create who you want to become. 4 Try Natural Supplements such as vitamins minerals herbs homeopathy flower essences and aromatherapy. 5 Take Time Off to pursue a hobby. Or just take some down time for relaxation. Take time to read walk hike bike picnic fish or sports. Whatever you find pleasurable and relaxing. You and your health are worth it 6 Dont Be Afraid to Cry its like a whistling teapot. Once the waters hot and boiling the whistle blows. Crying is our pressure release valve. 7 Create a Stress Free Environment think about light sound color and placement. a Light use non- fluorescent bulbs. Unnatural or fluorescent light actually causes stress and headaches. b Sound keep your noise level down. Think about your TV radio phone children and pets. Remember the importance of quiet time and its difference from sleep time. c Color affects our moods health and ways of thinking. When selecting color to produce a change choose the color suited to your particular objective. To learn more about color choices research Color Therapy. d Placement something as simple as your furniture and accessories displayed straight or at an angle can have a stress producing effect. Hence furniture placement and cleanliness in your home or office is crucial. To learn more about the importance of placement research the Chinese design technique of Feng Shui. Youll find it not only interesting but true as you clean up the clutter and rearrange your furniture. 8 Nutrition Im sure youve heard the statement You are what you eat. Well its true. Just try making some minor food choice changes and youll be amazed at how much better you feel 9 Water is a transporter of nutrients to your cells and transports cellular debris another stressor away from the body. 10 Exercise all it takes is three days to maintain and five days to change your current status. Even something as simple as a 30 minute brisk walk can benefit. We can all find 2.5 hours a week to exercise for stress reduction. - Laura Cappabiana Cappabiana Natural Foods Market STRESS MANAGEMENT AndYou NATURAL FOODS MARKET CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PROGRAMS Rewarding you for your Loyalty To our CURRENT CUSTOMERS - now you can save everyday with our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends. Stop in for details its free to enroll To our New Customers Enjoy a 20 Savings On Your Total Purchase Valid only with coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 103115 4946DarrowRd.330650-1588HoursMonTuesThurs.10-7WedFriSat10-6 NATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKETNATURAL FOODS MARKET CUSTOMER APPCUSTOMER APPRECIATRECIATION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMSION PROGRAMS Rewarding you for your LoyaltyRewarding you for your Loyalty To ourTo our CURRENT CUSTOMERSCURRENT CUSTOMERS - now you can save everyday with- now you can save everyday with- now you can save everyday with- now you can save everyday with our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends.our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends. - now you can save everyday with our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends. - now you can save everyday with- now you can save everyday with our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends. - now you can save everyday with Stop in for details its free to enrollStop in for details its free to enroll our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends. Stop in for details its free to enroll our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends.our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends. Stop in for details its free to enroll our frequent buyer programs for yourself and your furry friends. To our New Customers Enjoy a 20 Savings On Your Total Purchase Valid only with coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 103115 4946DarrowRd.330650-1588HoursMonTuesThurs.10-7WedFriSat10-6 D9AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.TuesdaySeptember292015 TuesdaySeptember292015AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.D10 Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis and on steroids presented with wounds after 4 months of treatments with no results from a Wound Care Center Before After 8 8 minute treatments over 4 weeks MLS Laser Therapy Akron Laser Center Tallmadge Chiropractic Dr. Gregory C. Lucas D.C. 330 633-1909 168 East Avenue Tallmadge OH 44278 Many of our doctors are using their MLS Laser for not only pain arthritis and inammation they are now using it to heal a variety of wound and post-surgically to speed healing minimize scarring. Diabetic Wounds Post Surgical Wounds Pressure Wounds and other difcult to heal wounds. The Wave of the Future in Pain Management Healing Wounds DONT LIVE IN PAIN ANY LONGER Call ofce at 330 633-1909 set-up a FREE CONSULTATION to see if MLS Laser Therapy is right for you. MLS Therapy Treats Ankle Pain Arthritis Atypical Face Pain Back Pain Bursitis Elbow Pain Foot Pain Golfers Elbow Hip Pain Knee Pain Ligament SprainsStrains Muscle Spasm Neck Pain Plantar Fasciitis Post Surgical Pain Swelling Sciatica Shingles Shoulder Pain Sports Injuries Tailbone Tendonitis Tennis Elbow TMJ Dysfunction Wrist Pain D11AkronBeaconJournalOhio.comINFORMING.ENGAGING.ESSENTIAL.TuesdaySeptember292015 Healthy Living House Promo Lately there has been a lot of media buzz about tinnitus. There are advertisements for pills drops and devices claiming to quickly and magically cure your tinnitus. It all seems too good to be true The truth is no cure for tinnitus. But that doesnt mean that one just has to Live with it. Tinnitus is defined as the perception of sound when no external sound is present. The sound is often described as a ringing hissing buzzing humming or rushing sound in one or both ears or sometimes in the head. This sound can either be heard constantly or can come and go and can vary in intensity and pitch. The American Tinnitus Association estimates that there are over 50 million Americans with tinnitus. Most people only notice their tinnitus when in quiet environments and can easily ignore it. For some the tinnitus is severe enough to seek medical attention and others find it so debilitating they cannot function in their daily lives. There are many known causes of tinnitus including excessive noise exposure hearing loss headneck injury ear wax buildup a benign tumor and certain drugs. Many medical conditions such as high blood pressure otosclerosis heart disease anemia allergies under active thyroid and diabetes can cause worsen the effects of tinnitus. Stress and fatigue are also known to worsen tinnitus. Causes cannot always be determined but it is important to known when to be concerned about your tinnitus. Tell your physician or audiologist if you experience 1 Sudden onset of tinnitus in one or both ears. 2 Loud tinnitus in one ear especially if it has changed recently 3 Pulsatile tinnitus a sound that has a steady rhythm 4 Tinnitus that is correlated with changes in hearing or balance 5 Changes in medications that result in changes in tinnitus. If you do not currently suffer from tinnitus you can protect yourself by limiting exposure to excessively loud noise. The use of hearing protection when operating lawn equipment and power tools or when going to concerts or shooting is also recommended. If you are taking medications ask your doctor or pharmacist if that medication has any negative side effects on the auditory system. Tinnitus is a complex problem and the experience is different for everyone. If you are suffering with tinnitus there is help available. The Audiologists at HEARINC are specially trained in successfully managing tinnitus. This involves developing an individualized treatment plan by combining a complete case history comprehensive diagnostic testing to evaluate the auditory system and the latest sound instruments and therapies. Treatments clinically proven to be effective for 90 of suitable tinnitus cases include those which use specialized sound therapy to aid in the desensitization of tinnitus. Newer tinnitus management tools such as ear level worn sound generators Widex Zen and appropriate counseling have greatly improved results when compared to previous methods used to treat patients suffering from tinnitus. Most people suffering from tinnitus also have hearing loss. If hearing loss is present appropriately fit hearing instruments can be programmed to match the pitch and loudness of their tinnitus aiding in relief while delivering amplification for hearing loss. The development of personalized plan based on the patients severity of tinnitus its impact on their quality of life and their individual technology needs results in patients having profoundly improved quality of life following treatment. While learning to manage tinnitus is not always instantaneous or easy no one should have to Learn to live with the constant irritating sound of tinnitus. Call your local Audiologist to find out more about the latest most effective tinnitus management programs. - Kelly Byrer Au.D. Doctor of Audiology at Hear Inc. Tinnitus Ear Callisthenics GreatforyourhearingWe all know that exercise is important for keeping our bodies in good condition. Evidence is mounting that indicates exercising our ears is also necessary for keeping our hearing in good shape. A number of studies in the United States and abroad have demonstrated that individuals with hearing loss in both ears who only use one hearing aid tend to maintain or improve their ability to understand words in the ear with the hearing aid. The ear without the hearing aid tends to decline in word recognition ability. This decline is not a change in hearing sensitivity but rather a decline in the ability to process complex speech signal simply through the lack of use. There are several reasons for this phenomenon 1 The ear without the hearing aid is not being exercised very much. 2 The area of the brain involved in understanding what is heard is not being used and become less effective at processing speech information. This gradual decline in speech recognition ability can reverse itself once the ear receives additional stimulation normally through the use of a hearing aid. Research conducted in England suggests this process of gradual improvement in speech understanding may take four to six weeks after the hearing aid fitting and may continue for up to 12 weeks. What does this mea to someone with hearing loss Over the past 10 years the results of a number of studies suggests the following 1 The longer a hearing is ignored the greater the impact. 2 The sooner a hearing loss is treated the easier the adjustment. 3 In almost all cases two hearing aids are better than one. Two hearing aids will keep both ears and both sides of the brain actively involved in hearing equally sharing the load. 4 Improving hearing and understanding may take a little time and patience. Individuals who have corrected their hearing in both ears who were previously wearing one hearing aid have reported that 1 It is more comfortable to hear with both ears. 2 Less volume is required. 3 It is easier to understand speech-especially speech in noise. If you or someone you know is considering hearing correction or is only correcting one ear encourage investigating correction in both ears. - Dr. Kelly Byrer Au.D. Audiologist at Hear Inc. North Canton Ohio D ont miss the opportunity to get your business in front of those Living 50 Plus Households headed by seniors boast more than 20 times the net worth of those headed by their counterparts age 35 and under. Filled with informative health leisure and lifestyle features geared specically toward readers 50 and over the Living 50 Plus special section gives your business valuable exposure to local seniors and their loved ones. IMPORTANT DEADLINES Space reservation Wednesday October 14th Final proof back Tuesday October 19th by 2 p.m. Publication date Tuesday October 27th For more information on this Special Section or additional advertising opportunities with the Akron Beacon Journal or please contact your Sales Representative or call 330-996-3410. 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